Flea Bites on Humans – Symptoms with Pictures

Most of us have a little something for our furry friends and although we might take the best of precaution to guard them against the worst form of infestations mainly from fleas or other form of rodents, what is worse is the masters i.e. Us, Humans getting affected in the process. Speaking of fleas, in the most comprehensive sense, they refer to the most atrocious group of pests which are a form of wingless parasites known to feed and grow on warm blooded living beings and although their main targets are our lovely pets namely cats and dogs, humans are not far away from their reach.

Are Humans a Target?

Flea Bites PicturesAs mentioned above, Humans can also be a well known target to flea bites strictly based on their ignorance or lack of precaution. Thus, though the first hand spread of flea can spread by not taking adequate cleanliness measures for pets right after a long walk or a rendezvous with the neighbors pet, a more innocuous attack can take place while moving into new places in the event of changing homes or a stroll in the lawns. Given by the fact that fleas in the pupae stage can survive for days in hostile conditions without food, they tend to get more vicious with the slightest presence of humans in the vicinity and can cause havoc damages in those cases.   Further it must be mentioned here, that the most common body parts that fall prey to these tiny beasts would be the lower part of the legs, hands and even armpits- generally those areas which establishes contact easily with pets or other flea manifested habitat.

Symptoms of Flea Bites

Flea Bites on Human BackThough flea bites prima facie may look identical to any form of allergic outbreak, yet there are some underlying identifying characters that can give away their origin at the first look. For instance, flea bites for one are extremely itchy in character and it is normally recommended to not itch them since the same might provoke an outbreak and rapid spread of the small, swollen red bumps which essentially appears in clusters. Secondly flea bites as discussed above are normally witnessed around the lower end of the legs or feet or even mid-section i.e. areas which are easier to be in contact. Thirdly depending on individual body types, the reaction to flea bites can be anything from painful and hot swelling to more allergic reactions in the form of nausea, heavy breathing, chest pain or dizziness as the case may be. Thus though prima facie flea bites are not really classified to be extremely dangerous, yet in the rarest of rare cases they can abate fatal consequences in the form of rashes or allergies erupting all over the body or where the fleas were actually vectors of diseases by spreading the same.

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Flea Bites on Human LegFurther, so far as simple flea bites are concerned, the infected humans might find a remedy in treating the area with a cream or lotion and even ice or cold water to mitigate the hotness and swelling effect, however any form of allergic reactions must be strictly reported and diagnosed by a doctor. Lastly, the best way to combat fleas is to uproot them from establishing an area of infestation in the first place, by maintaining cleanliness and taking adequate precaution.

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