Flea Bites on Cats & Dogs – Symptoms and Treatment

 Flea bites is becoming a big time problem for everyone, especially for the people living in the coastal regions. Like most of the insects, fleas too are born in Cold temperature with high humidity. Mornings and Evenings are the time during which these fleas are highly active and the chance of getting bitten by them at that time is high.

dog flea bites picturesFlea bites has taken its toll, not only on humans but on animals also. Pets are mostly targeted because their owners like to take them for long walks on beach. Dogs love it. Now days, these walks are becoming problematic as  fleas hatch on to Dogs, hide between their furs and then initiate their attack by sucking blood. At time, your pets carry these fleas inside your house which then poses a threat to you and your family.

dog flea rash picturesNow to deal with fleas, you need to be extra alert and cautious.  fleas are very small in size and are often mistaken as insects. These Fleas are nothing like your common mosquitoes, because flea bite hurts! These crustaceans cannot be seen with the naked eye, it’s possible only if you know what you are trying to look for. They look a lot like shrimp but are far smaller in size. One thing which gives away the presence of fleas is that they make a very high pitched sound and its pinching to ears. So when you are out on the beach, even it is for just a walk and if you hear such a thing then just walk away from there as fast as you can if you don’t want to get bitten. If you have a dog, then do give him a bath after a walk on the beach which will remove fleas if any has hatched on it.

Now we will show you how cats and dogs have been affected by these fleas and what a mess it is.

To start with, here are some pictures of dogs in this article which have been treated for fleas Bites.

Also some pictures of Cats are given in this article which are infested by  fleas due to which hair fall is also noticed on them.

How Fleas May Harm Dogs?

 Flea bites on dogsFleas feed on blood. Although aquatic animals are the common target for fleas but they also can burrow into dog’s skin and eat his flesh and blood. This causes a lot of skin problems which can further cause secondary infections. If your dog is bitten by a flea, an advisable thing is to consult a veterinary for a treatment of your Dog with utmost care and caution.

How Fleas may Harm Cats?

 cat flea bites picturesFlea bites itch a lot and at times even your cats can catch a flea from somewhere. When these blood suckers start feeding on the cats, they become irritated and start scratching furiously. That is the first give away if your cat is infested by a flea.


Flea Bite Symptoms on Dogs and Cats

cat flea bitesDogs and Cats shows variety of symptoms if they have been bitten by  fleas. Following are the Symptoms:

  1. Black dots under their skin (Breeding of female fleas after feeding)
  2. Fever
  3. Formation of white lumps on the affected area
  4. Constant Scratching

How to Treat Flea Bites on your Pets?

Flea bites should be treated as soon as possible because the further it takes to treatment, more the threat they pose.  fleas often start breeding on their host skin and must be removed by your veterinarian which will prevent any infection on your Pet. When your vet’s work is done, then you will have to take care of your pet. Thorough skin cleaning is required at the bite site so as to lessen the chance of any infection. An immediate action which you can take before you take your cat or dog to a veterinarian is to clean their skin with alcohol or another antiseptic.

Your dog may also benefit from an antihistamine cream to soothe his itchy skin, and pain relievers may help him feel better. It may take a week or more for the itchiness to completely leave your dog’s skin, even with treatment.

Following is the list of Sprays and medicines which can be helpful in treatment and prevention of flea bites.

  1. Frontline- It is available as sprays, drops and medicine. It’s highly effective and is used on a large scale. It is easily available at your local Chemist.
  2. Advantage is a medicinal cream which is directly applied to the skin. It’s a fast action medicine.
  3. K9 Advantix is one of the most commonly used insect killers as it is not only effective on fleas, but also on biting mosquitoes, flies and lice.
  4. Capstar is an oral pill only for dogs that kills 98% of the adult fleas. Eggs and larvae which might be breeding under the skin don’t die.
  5. Revolution is a named medicine available mostly in drop form. It protects dogs against heartworm, fleas and various other parasitic infections.
  6. Program- It’s a flea treatment product and it’s one of the most popular product used to fight fleas. It is available in pill or liquid form and the cat must eat it every month together with a meal. It kills all the fleas by targeting their reproductive system.
  7. Biospot is a broad based solution which is also economical. It kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. The effect of treatment lasts for about 3 months against fleas and only 1 month against ticks and mosquitoes. It’s not water resistant.

Choosing an appropriate treatment for your Cat or Dog is very important and it should be done only with the consultation of your pet. Only the medicines advised by your pet should be consumed. Over dosage of these medicines can also be deadly.

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  1. Taking care of pets is really a big deal in this case. I’m a mother to my Jaimy. Thanks for the supporting post.

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    May 12, 2017 - 11:53 pm

    Hi, got some good information on this article. Can you post article on how to avoid flea bites, so that I can take care of those too?

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